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About us

D&A Tropical Fish LLC is a locally owned and operated business serving customers in Texas and across all states in the United States. Starting in 2015 as a tropical fish reseller, the company has gained over five years of experience in offering an extensive selection of aquarium fish, and through an online delivery system, Dylan and Ashley Tropical Fish LLC, can directly ship products to your doorstep. Founded with customers in mind, D&A Tropical Fish LLC was started to develop a sustainable system that commits itself to provide high-quality fish from Vietnam and Thailand to satisfy our customers in Texas and across the United States.
The company is focusing on the provision of high-quality fish. We are connected to farms and partners across Asia who are globally known for high-quality fish produce. In addition to being licensed to import and resell high-quality fish, our founders have been in the industry for over 30 years. Their experience in the team enables us to provide multiple shipping options that provide a great customer experience. We have developed over five years of experience in raising tropical fish such as Betta, Guppy, Pleco, Flowerhorn and Goldfish. And because we have love what we do and we are passionate about satisfying our customer’s needs, we are known for the attention we put towards choosing only the best fish for all our customers. At D&A Tropical Fish LLC, you are not only supporting a business that puts its customers at the center of its decisions but also you are joining a community of fish experts who, collectively, are rebuilding America’s system to support independent fish farmers in Vietnam and Thailand.

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