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100% live arrival guarantee


Tropical Fish stands for dead on arrival. This policy is for purchasers of our live animals. 

A full refund of the amount of the perished fish will be provided in the event of a dead on arrival following these conditions: 

 Please provide a picture of the fish still in the unopened bag within the day of their arrival.

 Refunds will NOT be provided in the event that the fish were left outside due to no-one receiving the fish or if the fish are left overnight at the postal office/courier warehouse.  

Please ensure the correct address is provided upon checking out. Extended delivery times resultant from a wrong address will void the Tropical Fish policy. Please refrain from using PO Box or Parcel Collect addresses as we do experience issues shipping to those particular addresses.

Please ensure that you are ready for the fish to arrive. Once the fish are in your care, they are under your responsibility. Deaths/disease after arrival are not covered by this policy.

All fish will be checked to be healthy prior to shipping. Do note that shipping is stressful for the fish and aftercare is required once they arrive. i.e acclimation procedures.

​We strictly do not support impulse purchases of live animals. Please ensure all proper equipment and preparations are made prior to purchase of live animals. We reserve the right to refuse sales if proper care cannot be provided.

If there are issues, please notify us of the issues on the day of receiving the fish.

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